Irek Obsidian

Irek Obsidian

Part Two: The Crownless King

Once upon a time,

All the Folk were free. Their liberty defended by a great and powerful hammer. For an age the hammer was held by any Folk fit to claim it. The mightiest of arms, brightest of minds, and noblest of hearts could bear the hammerʼs weight, and for an age The Folk inspired themselves to greatness. All was right in the land.

But then, an arrogant and powerful magician, named Hap the Golden, told a story In which only one of privileged blood had strength to lift the hammer, in which the Folk were weak, and required a Crown to rule them. And though it was only a tale it began a bloody reign of Kings and Queens who claimed themselves the masters of the Folk.

One by one the Folk were made to kneel. At last a noble alliance of four territories, marched courageously against the Hammer in the fields at New Plymouth. It was there, with head bowed in defeat, but pride pounding in her heart, That Kathryn Grey, Lady of the Grass, forswore her crown and in this concession, declared: “The Hammer is too heavy for my hand to hold alone.” 

And so, a Republic was formed, led by representatives of five lands:

The Crownless- Kaelan Wayne, Henley Hawthorne, and Davy Boone

The Crownless- Kaelan Wayne, Henley Hawthorne, and Davy Boone

Gordon Pride, Bloodright of the Lion, Warden of the Vale; Henley Hawthorne, Pincrown of the Delta Throne; Davy Boone, Keeper of the Salt; Kaelan Wayne, First Ranger of the Glaze; and of course, Kathryn Grey, Lady of The Grass, Lonebourn of the Lavender Crown.

They named themselves The Hand. Joining together to raise the Hammer in defense of Liberty. Not free, but no longer slave, this Crownless compromise had restored freedom to the Folk.

But then, a wondrous pitiful thing occurred. A child was conceived by Gordon Pride of Kathryn Grey. 

When news of this reached Hap the Golden he hatched a devious plot. For if a story could be spoken of this child in which he’d raise the hammer as it’s heir, then Hap may once again install a Crown above the Folk.

Still, the tale would turn on one detail: The heir must prove an orphan. The practicality of which…was sadly simple.

But Hap did not expect this heir would prove a greatness beyond his blood. For though he watched the Folk be made to kneel, in his heart he yearned for them to rise. 

To aid Casper in this cause a girl, orphaned by fire, and blessed with a powerful voice of her own had set out across the land whispering the start of another story. One of Folk inspired, courageous, folk who would take arms against the crown in declaration of their independence.

July of the Seven Foxes

July of the Seven Foxes

Rousing the pride of the Crownless, she set in motion a great chain of events. One that will shake this Golden age to its foundations.

And so a second story begins: of Folk who would fight and die for their right to live free, of a King wresting the tethers from his tale, and of the Girl who will steal him away to the edge of darkness; where his savior sleeps, confined, sequestered, and dreaming to stir.


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